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Hey so why do you like Miraak so much? I'm not trying to question you or be rude I just like to know why people love the characters they love & I personally was upset with Miraak for stealing my souls so I just want to hear another perspective <3

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Ouch, this is actually a hard question but I’ll try to answer as best as I can. I can’t articulate arguments well lmao.

At the time I got the dlc Dragonborn, I was playing as my dovahkiin Lunarea, an altmer mage. She went through the main quest in the dlc and I watched the canon ending and all.

My first impression of Miraak: wow this guy is a dick, but dayum that voice, why did he have to die like that, i mean guy was a dick but damn tentacle stabbing is a bit cruel.

At first, I was angry at the snarking a bit, since everyone in the game treats the dovahkiin like they’re some pitiful worm when they’re almost a demigod. But Miraak, I thought, had reason to snark at me. He is a powerful dragonborn. Hell, he is the first dragonborn. Finally a REAL opponent, worthy of my time and attention!
But I didn’t really want to kill him. He might have stolen my dragon souls or controlled the minds of the people in Solstheim to build those things, but he had a clear objective: he wanted to be free of Apocrypha.
THEN LAST DOVAHKIIN GOES AND FUCKS THE SHRINES UP. And Miraak has to come up with another plan. Which is to slay you and get your soul. And he fails, because Hermaeus Mora.

Miraak is sort of a woobie. He’s powerful, he’s intelligent, but his plans keep failing. He is remembered as a traitor, as a servant of Mora, and never as dragonborn. That made me feel a bit bad for him tbh. And though I’m not fond of the whole brain control thing, I do feel bad that he was killed off by Mora like that. Also I blame Hermaeus Mora for almost everything that happened to him AND the last dragonborn in the dlc lmao. Let’s all blame it on the daedric prince.

Including sending those cultists. I mean, c’mon, Miraak didn’t even know who the fuck you were when you got to Apocrypha. And his reaction wasn’t “OH YOURE THAT FALSE DRAGONBORN I WILL MURDER” it was “Aaaah you are dragonborn. youre cool but I’m cooler, now gtfo” which I think could be some indication that Miraak didn’t send those cultists. 

I think Mora knew Miraak would try to rebel. And since Miraak was so “restless” he wanted a new pet to play with. A new dragonborn pet. So he gets your attention with an assassination attempt, you go to solstheim, you think it’s all miraak’s fault, destroy those shrines on the stones, you go to apocrypha to face miraak, and you get to watch a display of power of Hermaeus Mora, showing that if you get “restless” like Miraak, you get tentacle stabbed too. In a way or another, I feel like Hermaeus Mora is a big influence on the last db, whether they want it or not. And  in a way, he is playing Miraak and the last db to be against each other - and Miraak seems to know this (hear some of what he says at the Summit of Apocrypha battle). And the fact Miraak seems to know this makes me think he doesn’t hate the dragonborn, nor does he think the dragonborn must die at all costs for no reason, i’ts just that he sees it as the only way for him to be ~*~freeeeee~*~. in other circumstances, thEY COULD HAVE EVEN BEEN FRIENDS

AND this comes back to me feeling bad for Miraak. HE JUST WANTED TO BE FREEEE. And yes, yes, he is morally ambiguous but I don’t care for that much :>

Also, the cut dialogue suggests he was going to have a somewhat “friendlier” approach (I say that because not only the dialogue is “nice” but because his voice sounds sultry) anD I WANT TO KNOW WHY IT WASN’T SO.

I think there’s some wasted potential on Miraak too. I wish there was more backstory on him aside from that Guardian and Traitor bullshit. I wanted to know of his time as dragon priest. And I wanted to have some insight on why he is dragonborn. Akatosh doesn’t send a dragonborn in Nirn for nothing. Was he supposed, indeed, to defeat Alduin? Was he supposed to lead in the Nord rebellion against the dragon cult? WHAT WAS IT? 

And to have Mora kill him off like that… I wish there had been a way to help him, to escape with him and give Mora a big fat middle finger.

And the voice, too. His voice is so hella nice.

ARGH I TURNED THIS INTO A WALL OF TEXT SORRY. But here you go, i tried making 10% of my love for miraak go into this, so maybe it gives you an idea

Hm i never liked Miraak but now i kind of want to do that quest over again?

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Imma need y’all to learn how the United States Government works. You don’t have to like her or the president but learn that they do not makes the decisions, they really do not have very much power, the president does not have the power to just snap his fingers and make shit happen or change things. You have to have 2/3 vote from congress to take a shit, let alone do anything having to do with government. The entire government was set up to make sure that exact thing could never happen, that is why there are 3 branches and that little thing called checks and balances.

In fact let me just break this down for y’all right here. 

  • President has 2 OFFICIAL jobs, Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, but he only controls a limited amount of the funding for those troops (enough for 90 to 120 days) to engage these troops in combat. He CANNOT just declare war. only congress can declare war. The second, Accountant over the Federal Budget. 
  • He also is responsible for creating and balancing the national budget, but everything has to be approved by congress with a 2/3 vote. 
  • He signs bills into law, can veto them as well, however congress can override his veto. 
  • He assigns judges to the Supreme court, with the senates approval. 
  • He assigns foreign ambassadors, with the senates approval. 
  • he creates his own cabinet for people to research into areas that he might not have the time to, these are the only people who do not have to get approval from senate
  • congress is made up of 535 people (100 senators 435 HoR) for any of them to come to 1 agreement has only happened once in the history of this country, and that was to go into WWII, and even that the house voted 434 to one (1st woman house of Representative she was from Maine too, she voted against WW1 and 2)  and the judicial branch can call anything unconstitutional and kill it as well. 

and if you think i’m lying you can literally google this shit in 2 seconds. 

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