Wine 101 

  1. How-to Choose
  2. How-to Pair w/Food
  3. Using The Right Glass Shows You Have Class 
  4. Basic Types of Wine
  5. Expanded typing of Wines
  6. What Temp For EachType of Wine
  7. Knowing Your Wine Colors
  8. Wine Type Descriptions
  9. Caloric Comparison vs. Beer
  10. Coffees  

A friend once told me (while discussing wines & spirits) to learn about coffees too… " Because you’ll eventually need them, if / when you enjoy too much good spirits."

Infographics: Wine Folleys, Primer Magazine, and Chicago Food Magazine.

How to be an Adult 201

This. All of this.

can someone make all of these posters and send them to me thanks.

Take notes, people…


People ask me all the time, why do you re-blog flowers so much. Good question. Flowers represent all that is beauty in this life. They have their season and their time. They don’t compete but show themselves for all the world to see in humility and grace. Unbelievably when their time is done they fade away peacefully. What more can you ask for? Flowers have learned to just BE. I have a long way to go.

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I agree completely. I would only add that flowers are tiny little miracles to me. They bring hope, as a flower will eventually turn into a seed that will sprout into a new plant and eventually into another flower. This represents such hope and determination to me. Sometimes plants bloom under adverse and difficult circumstances, but they will give their all to bloom. That is how I wish to be, determined with everything I have to live, to bloom everyday, to touch and inspire people, and yes, eventually fade quietly and gracefully from this existence. ~M

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